Tuesday, April 17, 2007


At the urging of a husband and wife duo that come into my library, I tried one of Robert B. Parker's Spenser books, having never done so before now. I read CEREMONY (Dell, c1982, ISBN 0-440-10993-0), the tenth book in the Spenser series.

From his website:
Pretty teenager April Kyle is in grown-up-trouble, involved with people who'd beat her up for a dollar and kill her for five. Now she's disappeared, last seen in the Combat Zone, that side of Boston where nothing's proper, especially the sex for sale.

With Hawk, his sidekick, Spenser takes on the whole X-rated industry. From a specialty whorehouse in Providence to stylish Back Bay bordellos, he pits muscle and wit against bullets and brawn until he finds what he's looking for: April Kyle, little girl lost.

First sentence:

"She's a goddamned whore," Harry Kyle said.

Here's what I liked about his book:

1)Set in the Boston area alhtough there was no mention of my favorite joint in Boston where I spent many a night back in my 20's. Best Grape Crushes in town! T's Pub Rocks! - HEY TONY!

2)The sarcasm Spenser spews is tres enjoyable.

Here's what I didn't like:

1)First person (Not really my thing, although I'll tolerate it to finish a book.)

2)Choppy sentences and too much "telling", not enough "showing" for my taste

So, that's 2& 2 as Chuck Woolery would say so I'll be reading another, probably one of his later books and I'll try one from a different series as well.

I have to also admit there were two things that surprised me as well:

1)I had heard about Hawk for some time and had no idea he is a large black man who works as muscle for Spenser

2)Why people vehemently dislike Susan so much, almost to the point of hating her as I've read on some list-servs to which I belong. If anyone would like to illuminate why, I'd love to hear it.

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