Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm lovin' it!

Okay, well the last couple of books that I've read have been non-fiction, not mysteries which is why I've been so late in posting. But, I did just finish the book,DON'T EAT THIS BOOK: FAST FOOD AND THE SUPERSIZING OF AMERICA by Morgan Spurlock which is a very scary look into the fast food industry, slaughterhouse practices, and a bunch of other really disgusting things that sums up to this mystery: Why do people still eat this stuff? The first sentence?
Don't do it.

Then, today, while reading some of my online "journals" I came across this picture that I wanted to share:

It comes from this blog and I wish I had an artsy-fartsy patron who'd make one for me. Maybe I'll print the picture off, hang it up and beg.

Anyone who works in a library can appreciate it, I'm sure.

I did.

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