Saturday, February 9, 2008

February Reads Part 1

First up in February was a book that's been sitting on my shelf for way too long, KILLING SPREE by Kevin O'Brien (Kennsington Publishing Co., c2007, ISBN 0-7860-1775-9). This was another book set in Seattle, Washington and starred Gillian McBride, her son Ethan, her husband Barry, her friend Ruth and Jason Hurrell.
A few years back, Gillian was teaching a writing class at the local college where a serial killer began stalking female students and killing them and dressing them as Catholic schoolgirls. Then her husband disappeared and it's been over two years. Now, people are turning up dead -- people that Gillian knows -- and they are being murdered just like those written in her five published books. Horrible, gruesome deaths. Everything has Gillian jumping at shadows and she doesn't know who she can believe -- or trust. This was a fantastic suspense story and I've always like O'Brien's books, this one just got shuffled in the mix. There are a couple that I have missed but I'll be looking for them shortly.

The book starts:

All the crazies were out tonight.

My second read for February was the fun DEAD END DATING by Kimberly Raye (Ballantine Books, c2006, ISBN 0-345-49216-1).

This book would be enjoyed by those who like the Mary Janice Davidson books and probably even the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris.

Lil is a fabulous born vampire living in Manhattan who wants nothing more than to avoid having to work for her father's chain of copy shops, so she opens a dating matchmaking service for humans and vampires alike called Dead End Dating.

Shortly after opening the doors a hunky made vampire and bounty hunter, Ty Bonner, shows up and on the heels of a vicious serial killer with a warning for Lil. Meanwhile, Lil's business is off to a rocky start and she just needs to find the right vampire to be her poster boy for DED. Throw in a lot of designer clothes and shoes and stuff and you have a cute little book. It's not Pulitzer material (sorry, Kimberly!) but it's a great weekend read if you don't get bothered by all of the designer details.

The book begins:

For those of you who don't already know me, my name is the Countess Lilliana Arabella Guinevere du Marchette (yeah, I know), but my friends call me Lil.


Joy said...

I've never read a Kevin O'Brien book, but I have one on my TBR list. Your review makes me want to read one by him soon! :)

Shannon said...

Hi Joy,
Which one do you have? Like I said, I've read several and they've all been great! I know I missed the last couple but I've got them at home and I just needed to reaffirm the enjoyment I get from his books!
Happy reading!!!

Joy said...

I have Only Son on my list. If his books are all standalones, I love a recommendation. :)

Shannon said...

Hmmm...I haven't read that one. It looks like maybe it was his first? I read THE NEXT TO DIE, MAKE THEM CRY and this one, THE KILLING SPREE and enjoyed all three of them. I have WATCH THEM DIE and LEFT FOR DEAD still on my bookshelf so I plan on reading more. Let me know how it is. It sounds maybe like a male version of THE DEEP END OF THE OCEAN by J. Mitchard which I loved!