Saturday, October 11, 2008

September #4 - ASHES TO ASHES

Title: Ashes to ashes

Author: Jennifer Armintrout

Publisher: Mira

Copyright: 2007

ISBN: 978-0-7783-2494-2

Series or stand-alone: #3

Setting: Chicago, IL

1st Sentence:

"Hey, Baker! You give her the seven o'clock meds yet?"


In this book, the Oracle escapes and is working in tandem with the Soul Eater. Carrie, Nathan, Max and Bella must work together to find the Oracle and stop whatever destruction she has planned.

I'm glad that there are only four books in this series. I really liked the first book which made me buy the rest. The second book made me furious. This book was better but still not as good as book one and I found myself happy, then mad, then sad, then okay again. Not my favorite way to be. I'll have book four read sometime in October or November and then that will be that. I'll miss Carrie Ames, but I'm glad I was introduced to this author because of her.

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