Saturday, March 21, 2009

February #6 - FACE OF A KILLER

Title: Face of a killer

Author: Robin Burcell

Publisher: Harper

Copyright: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-06-112230-9

Series or stand-alone: #1

Setting: San Francisco, CA

1st Sentence:

Sydney Fitzpatrick eyed the bottle of scotch, watched the bartender pour the amber liquid into her glass, and wondered how much of it she'd have to drink to forget it had been twenty years since her father had been killed.

A hook of a first sentence!

From the author's website:

Facts lie . . . Two decades after the murder that shattered her world, FBI agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick confronts her father's killer face to face. But the inmate who's scheduled to be executed for the crime is not what she expected. Heightening Sydney's unease, she receives a photograph sent to her by a man just prior to his suicide, causing her to question everything she believed about her father. Now she wants the truth—no matter where it's hidden, no matter how painful . . . or dangerous. But Sydney Fitzpatrick is about to trespass on sacred ground. And being a federal agent will offer her no security or shelter if it's her own government that wants her dead.

I have such a hard time with some books knowing what to write without giving away too much information. This was one of them. I liked it and I really liked Sydney's character. I'm afraid I liked the Kate Gillespie books better, but because I am a fan of the author, I am willing to give this series a shot.

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