Friday, November 27, 2009

October #6 - ENDS OF THE EARTH

Title: Ends of the Earth

Author: Tim Downs

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Copyright: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-59554-308-0

Series or stand-alone: #5

Setting: Sampson County, North Carolina

1st Sentence:

Podlesny, Russia
The old man looked at the driver of the car.


"Bugman" Dr. Nick Polchak gets called into the homicide of a man shot in the back. The killed man's wife was Kathryn from the first book and Nick calls in Alena, the witch from book #4, along with her dogs, to help.

I put the "Bugman" books on my must-read list years ago. However, having said that, this book was a disappointment to me. In my reading I scowled several times and thought, "It doesn't happen that way! The wheels of justice do NOT turn that quickly!" and secondly, he ended this book with a cliffhanger which is something that I don't appreciate in books and has been a deal breaker for me in the past. I already have one author I will not read again because of a succession of cliffhangers. I really hope Mr. Downs doesn't make it a habit.

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