Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Title: The secret between us

Author: Barbara Delinsky

Publisher: Doubleday

Copyright: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-385-51868-0

Series or stand-alone: Stand-alone

Setting: Driving distance of Boston

1st Sentence:

They were arguing in the seconds before impact.


From the author's website:

Physician Deborah Monroe and her teenage daughter Grace are driving home one night in a raging rainstorm when their car hits a man who is on foot on the road. He subsequently dies, throwing Deborah and Grace into emotional turmoil. They share a secret concerning the accident, a lie that takes on a life of its own and threatens both their everyday lives and the special bond between them. And it refuses to go away, growing larger with each denial, jeopardizing ties Deborah has with her renegade sister and their father, a recent widower, and with the ex-husband whose role in their children's lives is at stake. As details emerge about the accident victim - an aloof local teacher who wove his own web of secrecy - Deborah must find a way to reconcile her worst fears with the truth of that terrible night.

The Secret Between Us is about a lie gone wrong, about making bad choices for the right reasons. This book explores the limits of responsibility - mother to daughter, daughter to father, husband to wife. It examines the price that we pay for denying the truth.

This was the first Delinsky book I read and I think mainly because I've always categorized her as a 'romance' author. If I had to pick one thing that I didn't like about this book, it's something I've been seeing more and more of and that is loose ends with no resolution. It seems the things that stick out as important to me get left by the wayside and then I am left to wonder what happened. I'm not a big fan of that at all.

Delinsky's new book, NOT MY DAUGHTER, was just released in January and I already have my name on it to read once it's shelf-ready. It looks really good.

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