Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dr. Einstein, I presume?

Michael Paterniti's book, DRIVING MR. ALBERT: A TRIP ACROSS AMERICA WITH EINSTEIN'S BRAIN (c2000, The Dial Press, ISBN 0-385-33300-5) was extremely interesting subject material albeit a little dry in parts.
The author volunteers to chauffer the pathologist, Thomas Harvey, who autopsied Einstein and then kept his brain for over 40 years in a Tupperware container in his house, across country from New Jersey to California to meet Einstein's granddaughter. In the trunk of a Buick, stowed away in a duffel bag, Einstein makes the cross country journey with these two men. Part travelogue, part biography of Albert Einstein, part autobiograpy and part roadtrip express, this book gave me some laughs, some yawns, but rarely a dull moment.

First sentence:

I thought the road trip would be a caper.

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