Saturday, April 7, 2007

The secret hour

I think I have found a new favorite young adult author.

Over the weekend I finished THE SECRET HOUR by Scott Westerfeld (Eos, c2004, ISBN 0-06-051953-3) and suddenly wished I didn't have a towering stack of books to read so that I could have continued on with the series.

It begins:
The halls of Bixby High School were always hideously bright on the first day of school.

Set in Bixby, Oklahoma, this first book in the Midnighters series is about a group of teenagers (Jessica Day, Rex, Dess, Melissa and Jonathan) that have special abilities. At midnight, a hidden hour appears and everything stands still, except for them and ancient creatures that live in the hidden hour. When it becomes clear that the darklings (creatures living during the midnight hour) are out to destroy Jessica, the newcomer, the group band together to figure it all out.

I loved this book! And most surprisingly, it was labeled as Science Fiction which I avoid like the plague. My daddy would be so proud.

I had purchased one of Westerfeld's other series for my library which started flying off the shelves so I looked for additional reading and came across these older books. I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series as well as getting started on his UGLIES, PRETTIES and SPECIALS books. But then looking at his website, I notice that there are a whole lot more.

Let me clear off some shelf room for this great author!

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Rob Gregory Browne said...

Shannon, I just wanted to stop by and thank you for correcting my website link at Lesa's Book Critiques.