Saturday, August 7, 2010


Title: Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

Author: Seth Grahame-Smith

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Copyright: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-446-56308-6

Setting:Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Washington D.C

1st Sentence:
1. For over 250 years, between 1607 and 1865, vampires thrived in the shadows of America.


So, this is the first book that I ever read that made me want to read more about our 16th President, or any President for that matter. And I looked up stuff as I went along. Most of the text is factual - except for the vampire hunting part. It chronicles the life of Abe Lincoln, from his early life, through the Civil War, his presidency and his assassination.

My rating: 5/5

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Kristi said...

I listened to this book on tape and found myself more engrossed in it than I thought I would be. I found myself checking facts too!