Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hooper is Super Duper

Kay Hooper is one of the authors that I always read the moment I can get my hands on her new book. Her psychic series with the FBI team of psychics is my favorite although I've read some of her older books as well.
Her latest book is CHILL OF FEAR:
The little girl, huddled, shivering, in the back corner of the closet.

As an aside, yesterday I found the best soup. It is Panera Bread's PORTOBELLO AND ROASTED GARLIC BISQUE and it is divine! If you like fungus, as Jeff calls it, go get a bowl of this soup. It makes a great lunch!


BookBitch said...

Haven't tried the Portobello soup (yet) but in the fall they have a Wild Mushroom soup that is incredible. And if you're not into fungi, their Vegetarian Roasted Tomato and Pepper Bisque is to die for!

Dupota said...

My Grandmother made the best mushroom soup. It was made, usually, with wild mushrooms (pipanki). Very basic, but it warmed the cockles of your heart! Although these mushrooms were picked here in the good ol' USA, no one has been able to tell me their "real" name.

Shannon said...


If you ever get a chance to read this, drop me an email. I found out the real name of your pipanki mushrooms, but you had no email or info to respond to.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the real name for pipanki if you could email me and let me know that would be great thankyou very much

Shannon said...

See my post from September 8, 2005. I answered the question to this there. It is the HONEY MUSHROOM (common name).