Wednesday, August 24, 2005

To the Dogs

This is really not my type of book. I could tell by the flap info. No mention of murder, mayhem or distruction (of the bodily kind). However, after seeing Diane Lane's character meet up with her father on a blind date in a trailer for the movie I had to read it. The line she says about "this being wrong on so many levels" cracked me up!

MUST LOVE DOGS by Claire Cook:

I decided to listen to my family and get back out there.

Oh, that's a first sentence that probably resonates with a million people!

I admit that I did my own share of Internet dating (some very scary situations) before I met the "perfect-for-me" guy and luckily my own father was already happily married so no worries there!

Working in a library, I see people daily subscribing to eHarmony, doing the Yahoo! Chat thing or . Everyone is always looking for that perfect-for-them someone, right? Isn't that part of what life is all about?

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