Friday, September 23, 2005

Salsa, anyone?

I have come to discover that although the books that I call my "favorites" are not necessarily campy or character-driven, the first sentences that make me giggle are.

Today's first sentence comes from a book that we have pulled from the stacks and put out on display to get some notice. No one has checked it out since July of 2003 and if it doesn't move soon, it will be weeded. (See my post on weeding!)

From MURDER UNDER BLUE SKIES by Willard Scott with Bill Crider:

Everything was going wonderfully well at the gala grand opening of the Blue Skies Bed & Breakfast Inn, right up until the moment Belinda Grimsby collapsed facedown into a bowl of homemade salsa.

I hope she wasn't wearing white! My luck always dictates that I'm wearing white whenever we eat Mexican food. Pollo Fundido is my favorite.

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