Thursday, March 2, 2006

Man Camp

This morning, before coming to the library, I finished reading MAN CAMP by Adrienne Brodeur(Random House, c2005, ISBN 1-4000-6214-4), a light and humorous story about men and how women must learn to live with them.

Lucy Stone and Martha McKenna are two thirty-somethings living in New York. Lucy is a biologist with a strong grasp on the animal species, all those except for her boyfriend; Martha is an acress and a woman tired of bad dates who starts a business called FirstDate, teaching men what not to do on first dates and what they can do to improve their situation to move on to their second. When things are looking hopeless for the population of all men around them, they half-jokingly create Man Camp, a place to leave the lattes behind and learn about manly things like jumper cables and handguns. They turn to Lucy's oldest college friend Cooper Tuckington who owns a dairy farm in West Virginia where they accompany several of Martha's recruits to learn how to be "real men" and find out some things about themselves in the process.

The first sentence:

As usual, Lucy Stone is waiting for Martha.

This was an enjoyable albeit fast read at only 212 pages, although I had some difficulties at times as it was written in third person, present tense which didn't have the same flow for me as third person, past tense does.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for reviewing my book.

Best, Adrienne Brodeur