Thursday, March 9, 2006

Who let the dog out?

This morning before work I finished ANYONE BUT YOU (HQN, c1996, ISBN 0-373-77146-0), a quick and delightful read by Jennifer Crusie.

The book presents Nina Askew, a just-turned forty-year-old recently divorce and trying to decide if she can love and be loved with her forty-year-old self. Living downstairs from her is Alex Moore, a sexy, just-turning-thirty ER doctor with a family dynamic of drunk career doctors with tons of money, zero love.

And then there's Fred. Fred is the heart of the story. He's one of the most adorable matchmakers I've ever read in a book and for me, the book wouldn't have made it if not for Fred.

I've written about Crusie before because I think she writes great character-driven stuff and she has my vote for some of the best first sentences.

This book's first sentence was okay, but not my favorite:

The last thing Nina Askew needed was Fred.

Next up, JD Robb's NAKED IN DEATH...

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