Thursday, March 2, 2006

Being the fat kid

My latest read over the weekend was FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by KL Going(GP Putnam's Sons, c2003, ISBN 0-399-23990-1)set in the lower East side of Manhattan, starring Troy Billings and Curt MacCrae.
Troy is a seventeen-year-old fat kid (topping in at almost 300 lbs.) and is contemplating suicide when he first meets Curt, a sometimes-homeless boy taking up space in the subway stations at times. The two form an unlikely bond when Curt asks Troy to be the drummer to his guitarist in a rock band called Rage/Tectonic which gives Troy a new look on life.
The first sentence:
I'm a sweating fat kid standing on the edge of the subway platform staring at the tracks.

Although a book written for a teen audience, I really enjoyed this book in a "people aren't perfect, everybody has flaws" sort of way. I look foward to reading more of her work.

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