Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sand in my what?!?

Once I returned from Las Vegas, I moved the book SAND IN MY BRA AND OTHER MISADVENTURES: FUNNY WOMEN WRITE FROM THE ROAD(Travelers' Tales Inc., c2003, ISBN 1-885211-92-9) to the top of my to-be-read pile just because of some of the fun things that happened during our trip.

Right away the dedication grabbed me:
For all the women who sit at home or behind their desks bitching that they never get to go anywhere.

This book is filled with hilarious short stories about travel outside of one's natural and comfortable surroundings, from the Colorado River in Utah to Santiago, Chile. Through the Black Rock Desert, Nevada to Paris and Zambia and back via Kuwait or Bandanaira (a place I'd never heard of before reading this book.)It also illustrates problems that can arise from language barriers, custom differences, natural fears or just plain stupidity but also shows the fun and excitement in travel.

This was a great weekend read and I'd recommend it to those who like travel books by Bill Bryson or Patrick McManus.

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