Thursday, February 2, 2006

I'll drink to that!

In Ty Wenzel's book, BEHIND BARS: THE STRAIGHT-UP TALES OF A BIG-CITY BARTENDER (Thomas Dunne Books, c2003, ISBN 0-312-31102-8), Ty recounts life as a bartender in some of New York's bars, mostly focusing on Marion's Continental.

The first sentence:

My last day on the job, a chilly December night in 2001, didn't turn out the way I had long pictured it in my mind.

The book is filled with quotes, drink recipes and quips about the life of a mixer. My favorite sections were the pet peeves she listed throughout the book. Having once been in food service, I could totally relate to her angst and attitude with a capital TUDE.
This is a fun ride that is definitely worthy of reading by anyone who's ever worked in the industry, is working in the industry, or has ever patronized a drinking establishment. You might learn a thing or three.

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