Tuesday, April 25, 2006

18 to life

I absolutely loved my read over the weekend!

The book was George Shuman's 18 SECONDS (Simon & Schuster, c2006, ISBN 0-7432-7716-3)and boy, was it fun!

Set in Wildwood, New Jersey, a boardwalk-by-the-sea town, Kelly O'Shaughnessy is a newly appointed Lieutenant in the police force and is faced with the disappearances of several young girls.
Across the way in Pennsylvania is Sherry Moore. Blind since a young child, she works with police departments utilizing her gift: the ability to see the last 18 seconds in life of a dead person. Too many inconsistencies within several open cases bring Kelly and Sherry together. But will the sights that Sherry see be enough to help or hinder the case.
The book also has a really good bad guy and some great description within. I will definitely be looking for his next book.

It begins:

Sherry stepped off the courtesy cart near the hotel kiosk in the ground transportation level of the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Now reading FULL SCOOP by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes...


phoenix707 said...

I have to agree. This was certainly an exciting read. I had an advance copy and read it in one day. I love the premise and character of Sherry Moore and her ability to see the last 18 seconds of a dead persons life. Sounds morbid, but it has such truly interesting possibilities for discussion and plot. George Shuman draws really strong female characters and depicts both so well in Sherry Moore and Kellie O'Shaughnessey, that I had to keep convincing myself he is really a man. I think this would appeal to the fans of Cornwell, Johansen and Reichs for strong females with unigue occupation or talents and also to fans of Patterson, Hoffman, for the quick thriller plots and serial killer aspects. I'm really looking forward to the next from Shuman.

piksea said...

This just went to the top of my TBR list and I never heard of it before. I've spent every summer of my life in Wildwood, New Jersey. I may have to stop in and purchase it at the B&N on my way home from work.

phoenix707 said...

Shuman did a great job in portraying Wildwood from my recollections of the place. I haven't been there in a long time but could smell the ocean, see the crowds and get that creepy feeling at might lurk under the boardwalk. I'm glad Shannon mention location. In this case it's important to the story and right up there with good characterization.

leenie said...

have you read 'feed'? it's a young adult novel, with the best first sentence i have ever read. check it out.