Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fatal Instinct

I set out to read the entire Jessica Coran series after reading about one of them on a listserv to which I belong. This is the second and I liked this book better than the first.
FATAL INSTINCT by Robert W. Walker (Diamond, c1993, ISBN 1-55773-950-1) is set in New York City and Dr. Jessica Coran is working alongside Alan Rychman to help them solve the case of "The Claw" where women are being brutalized by a madman who is disemboweling them and feasting on their innards. Will Jessica be next?
Probably not, because I think I have ten books to go in the series, but I always love how reviewers end paragraphs with questions like that so I thought I'd try it.

This book starts out:

Each day that Gerald Ray Sims awoke in the Federal Penitentiary for the Criminally Insane, he was amazed at having survived another night locked up with Stainlype.

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