Saturday, November 11, 2006

Motor Mouth

MOTOR MOUTH by Janet Evanovich (Harper Collins, c2006, ISBN 0-06-058403-3) is the second in the series featuring Alexandra "Barney" Barnaby, the mechanic, and Sam Hooker, NASCAR driver extraordinaire. This book also features, Beans, a food lovin' Saint Bernard.

Set in Miami, Florida, Barney and Hooker get into trouble when they steal a chip from a competitor's racecar that is worth a lot of money; it appears it is worth more than their lives!

Written in first person, this book is a very simplistic read with a lot of supporting characters (almost too many for my taste) and I like the Stephanie Plum series better, but that doesn't stop me from reading every book this woman writes. I'm an addict, what can I say?

The book begins:

Sometimes there's a decision to be made between winning fairly and cheating for a good cause.

That's a good first sentence that can relate to many things in life, although I am a 'winning fairly' kind-of-girl. I don't lie, cheat or steal--I sound like a country song. Could this be why I'm a country girl at heart?

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piksea said...

Evanovich is my treasured guilty pleasure. I read everything she writes, as well (even those crappy 'full' books that she writes with Charlotte Hughes. I blame all the bad parts on Hughes.) I finished reading Motor Mouth on Saturday night and, you're right, Barney is no Stephanie Plum, but I like her all the same.

Have you heard that Evanovich just signed on to cowrite another book series?