Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Three Dog Life

A THREE DOG LIFE: A MEMOIR by Abigail Thomas (Harcourt, c2006, ISBN 0-15-101211-3) is a story of love, life, tragedy, and coping with a few furry friends thrown in for understanding.

The book starts out:
This is the only thing that stays the same: my husband got hurt.

On Monday, April 24, 2000, Abigail was called by the door watchman to inform her that her husband, Rich, had been struck by a car just down the street from their New York City home. As a result, he suffered a traumatic brain injury and Abigail must learn to do all of the aforementioned things which she does with the help of her dogs (my favorite is Rosie, half dachshund/half whippet).

Because I have this "thing" about learning something from every book I ever read, I was afraid that it would be a challenge with this book because:
A)It's a memoir; and
B)It's very short (182 pages)

However, I was thrilled to learn about "Outsider" Art. Outsider Art, a synonym for Art Brut (which translates as Raw Art or Rough Art) describes art created outside the boundaries of official culture; creator of the label, French artist Jean Dubuffet, focused particularly on art by insane asylum inmates.

Google it. It's an interesting topic.

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krystin said...

Hmmmmm.... Outsider Art!!!

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