Friday, July 27, 2007

Shadow Man

SHADOW MAN by Cody McFadyen (Bantam Books, c2006, ISBN 978-0-553-58993-1) is my favorite read so far this year! This is what I've been waiting for!

Smoky Barrett is the coordinator for the FBI's National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime aka Death Central in LA. Six months earlier, Smokey was brutalized, raped, scarred and her husband and daughter murdered by a madman. Now, she is tracking another ruthless killer who believes he is a descendant of Jack the Ripper and he has asked for Smokey personally. The Shadow Man stalks, threatens and hurts Smokey and her team (Callie, Alan & James) to get them to do what he wants. And what he wants if for them to hunt him, because they are the best.

When he comes knocking on her door, Smokey answers. With a vengeance and a realllly big gun!

The book begins:

I have one of the dreams.

I cannot say I loved this book anymore than I already have but I'll give it a shot.

McFadyen has the cop down to a T. I live with one and I kept looking up from my book saying, "Honey, listen to this..." My favorite chapter of the book was an interrogation. It sounded just like my husband.

Fair warning: This book is very dark. It is very violent. It is very graphic. And a dog gets hurt. So if you are opposed to any of these things, I do not recommend it. However, if you are not, get ye to a bookstore or a library and request this book. Because I mean it. It was fabulous.

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