Saturday, October 6, 2007

C.J.'s Fate

Okay, this book is more than a little cheesy (it was also published in 1984 and I was only 13) but if you're a Kay Hooper fan, I suppose it's worth a read since it only tops in at 200 pages.
C.J.'S FATE by Kay Hooper (Bantam Books, c1984, ISBN 978-0-553-59048-7) set in Aspen, Colorado features C.J. Adams, a research librarian, who always has her nose in a book and loves her history. Twenty years of matchmaking by her magic circle of friends has C.J. fed up so while they are all in Aspen for the wedding of one of the friends, C.J. decides to beat them all to the punch and picks a hottie from the hallway and takes him as her "lover." Little did she know that Fate Weston just may be her fated destiny.

It begins:
"C.J., can't you put that book down for ten minutes?"

So, you know how I feel about romances and Harlequins, right? Well, gack, this book is right up there with the lot. I actually bought it while I was going on vacation because I read on the back cover that the main character C.J. was a librarian and it was by Kay Hooper. I've read every Bishop special crimes unit novel written by her. I was hoping for something similar. Instead, I got mind numbing relationships ala 3 days and Indians with purple eyes and friends who just don't know when to stop, already!
On the flip side, it did pass my 50 page test and I read the whole thing, so that's saying something...I'm just not sure what!

With all due respect to Kay Hooper, I will patiently wait for BLOOD DREAMS to come out and I will be skipping the other newly released 2-in-1 combo SOMETHING DIFFERENT/PEPPER'S WAY.

Back to the ookie spookies for me. Up next is THE TUNNELS by Michelle Gagnon.

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