Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mount TBR (To be read)

I get questioned all the time what I mean when I refer to Mount TBR. And I'm not the only one who prays to this mountain. Many others have their own Mount TBR.

Let me introduce you to my Mount TBR. This is my pile of books that I am currently choosing from. These are books that I have not read. These are books I hope to read in the near future. This doesn't even begin to touch my collection -- these are just the books I can see.
And this was taken in January of '07. It's grown! It's much, much worse!
My husband fears for his life. I tell him that's what he gets for putting the shelves up on his side of the bed.

You should see what's under the bed...and in the closet...and in the trunk of my car...and on top of my dresser...and in tub after tub after tub in the basement.

Can someone say, "ADDICT?" Brought to you by the letter B for book and the number 666 as in the devil made me do it.


lalcorn said...

Shannon, I love this photo! It rocks! (no pun intended)

Mine is a toppling pile on my bedside table, with a base of graphic novels narrowing to mass markets at the top :) Yours has me outstripped, though!

Louise (WDM Public Library)

Shannon said...

Hey Louise,
Yeah...and the sad thing is, this is just one of many piles. This is the most obvious. I should take some pix and sew 'em together just to show the books in my bedroom (these of course being the most obvious!) I'm sick I tell ya!
Going to ILA?

Lesa said...


I've kept up with my blog, but not with my reading of blogs. So, I'm a little late in saying, welcome back. Yours is one of the best blogs out there.

At least that particular TBR pile looks fairly neat. Can you believe I tried to organize the one on my closet? Ha, ha, ha!

Shannon said...

Hey Lesa,

Thanks so much for enjoying my blog. I am solemnly swearing to be better with updates.

And as I said, this is the TBR pile you can see. I have to keep it somewhat neat. Ha! The rest of them (all 30 of 'em) are a mess!