Thursday, October 4, 2007


Next up, INFERNO by Karen Harper (Mira, c2007, ISBN 0-7783-2404-4). Set in remote Vermillion, Montana, Lauren Taylor, a pilot contacts the FBI when she sees a picture of a man in a magazine wanted for arson. She calls because she's seen her plane as she flew him into her town. Brad Hale is the hunky FBI agent sent to track down this man that Lauren, and only Lauren, has seen before he sets the drying town surround into a roaring blaze for grins and giggles.

The book begins:

The sound of sirens always soothed his soul.

Here is what I like about Karen Harper's books:
1) Great settings - I enjoy the lush landscape she paints with words
2) General plots - General storyline always makes me want to read the book
3) Characters - Good character development

Here is what I don't like about her books:
1) I always feel like I have to have a huge suspension of disbelief once I hit about page 10

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that the FBI doesn't allow civilians to get involved on a manhunt for a suspected arsonist/murderer "just because"...
I may read more by Karen Harper but they won't be a priority; they will unfortunately be filler.

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