Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chop Shop

Next up was CHOP SHOP by Tim Downs (Howard Publishing Co., c2004, ISBN 1-58-229-401-1). This book is the second book in the Dr. Nick Polchak Bugman series, which I adore. This book features pathologist Riley McKay and forensic entomologist Nick Polchak searching for some inconsistencies found in some autopsies done in the coroner's office. Set in Pittsburgh and Tarentum, PA, organ donation and the ethical versus unethical beliefs surrounding said donations and harvesting are key issues in this book and make it for a very exciting read.

The book begins:

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 1973
The young man set his glasses down beside the sink, then bent face down and cupped handfuls of cold water against his face.

I really like this series even though there is little graphic violence and no real swearing that I've found. Dr. Polchak is a "real" person with my kind of sense of humor and very similar to Dr. Gregory House, who I adore, with a capital A. Downs' books have topics that keep me interested and I've learned quite a lot about bugs and forensic entomology.

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