Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naughty Me!

Again, I've been naughty and again, I apologize for the lack of writing. I don't know if I wrote about it, but back in February I fell at work. I managed to tear just about everything holding my knee together and now there is a strong possibility I will be having some type of surgery. I am on light duty at work so you'd think that I'd have more time to keep track of my blog. But actually I am preparing for when I have to go to U of I hospitals, and in the event that my assistant takes over for me.

I have, however, done some reading which I will try to get back on track writing about.

First up in March, was KILLING FEAR by Allison Brennan (Ballantine Books, c2008, ISBN 978-0-345-50271-1). This book is the first in a new series and set mainly in San Diego, CA. However, the Kincaid family, who have been featured in another trilogy by Brennan follow through. Seven years previous, Theodore Glenn was convicted of the brutal murders of four women - strippers and one woman's testimony helped put him away. Now, after an earthquake, he has escaped from prison and is back to exact his revenge.

The book begins:

Seven years earlier

Theodore Glenn sat at the defense table alone, hands loosely folded in front of him, watching the jury foreman hand the bailiff his fate written on a folded white card.

Brennan has become one of my favorite writers and I look for every new book out by her. I look forward to the next installment in this series.


Joy said...

First in a new series, did I read? I'm game. :) Thanks, I'm going to check this book out.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your knee! Hope you don't have to have surger, but if so, I hope you get to spend a lot of time reading. We'll look forward to hearing about what you've read when you get better.

Joy said...

Oh my. I didn't mean to be so insensitive. I just got so excited and carried away with the possibility of a new series that I forgot to mention this: I'm sorry to read about your knee problem. I hope surgery isn't necessary, but if so . . . woo hoo to some reading time! And, I hope you heal quickly.

Shannon said...

Yes, and as far as I know, a trilogy. That seems to be what she writes.

And thanks to both you and Kay for the well wishes re: my knee. I've been so stressed out about the thought of surgery, I never stopped to realize I'd have all that time for reading. Maybe it's not looking so bad after all...I can do six weeks...I think. =)