Monday, June 30, 2008

July Book Blowout

I typically do not do book challenges. I'm not sure why because the concept is very appealing to me. I guess because I find I don't have enough time to keep my blog updated as often as I want, no matter how I try, so doing so along with reading books for a challenge and books that I WANT to read and books that I feel I NEED to read just becomes too much!

However, I decided to try ONE and see if I like it. If I don't, I probably won't do another one. But then again, I may find it to be utterly addictive and become a challenger in every way, shape and form.

I decided to do BLUE ARCHIPELAGO'S challenge the July Book Blowout and I'm going to attempt to read 8 books during the month of July for this challenge. I usually don't set a goal for books to read; I just read.

The rules are simple. Read the # of books that I decided up from July 1 - July 31 and then post the list of books on my blog. I'll try to post them one at a time as I finish them, with their first sentences and the final list on the last day.

Doing this challenge may surprise me in a good way!
We'll see...Stay tuned!

I've got 4 days 'til the end and two books to finish. Wish me luck!

Finished books:

WHERE ARE YOU NOW? by Mary Higgins Clark (7-02-08)

LOTTERY by Patricia Wood (7-05-08)

THE TURNING by Jennifer Armintrout (7-14-08)

EXIT STRATEGY by Kelley Armstrong (7-19-08)

FUZZY NAVEL by JA Konrath (7-23-08)

MY DARLING, MY HAMBURGER by Paul Zindel (7-26-08)

INFECTED by Scott Sigler (7-30-08)

Well, the book blowout is over and I failed. I thought I'd be able to read at least 8 books in July and I only completed seven. Oh well! I gave it a shot and it was fun so I may try to take on another one. We'll see...

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