Monday, August 4, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things!

I decided to give you a meme before I resume posting books. I have just finished up with my first challenge, which I didn't complete because I set too high of a goal. Will I try this again? I'm not sure.

Apparently, this meme started out as “Suzie Q’s Favorites Game”. The rules are simple - for most people! There can only be ONE, count it, ONE answer for each question.

Here we go:

Sport: Hockey

Game: The word game

Color: Red

Movie: Grease 2

Broadway play I have seen: CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF

Broadway Musical I have seen: RENT

Song: Devil Gate's Drive by Suzi Quatro

American city I have visited: Las Vegas

Foreign city I have visited: I've only been to Mexico and Canada, both when I was a child with my grandparents. I don't remember back that far.

Book: SHUTTER ISLAND by Dennis Lehane

Children’s Book: Any Trixie Belden book

Classic television show: The Match Game

Recent television show: American Idol

Actor: Hugh Laurie from HOUSE

Actress: Angelina Jolie

Perfume:Organza Indecence by Yves Saint Laurent

Food: Mexican

Dessert: Cheesecake

Chain Restaurant: Applebee's

Local Restaurant: El Senor Tequila (Mexican)

Car: Lexus 430SC

Condiment: Mayo

Kitchen Appliance: Microwave

Home Appliance: Computer

Beauty Product: Mascara

Piece of clothing: My Las Vegas Sweatshirt

HGTV Show: Design on a dime

Food Network show: 30 Minute Meals

Author: Janet Evanovich

Male Songwriter: Jonathan Larson

Female Songwriter: Janis Joplin

Holiday: Halloween

Ballet I have seen: THE NUTCRACKER

Disney character: Donald Duck (I even have a tattoo)

Flower: Silk

Alcoholic drink: Kahlua and milk

Non-Alcoholic drink: Dr Pepper

Magazine: People

Animated movie: Shrek

Television network miniseries: None

Season: Fall

Male vocalist: Elvis Presley

Female vocalist: Suzi Quatro

Day of the week: Monday

Household Chore: Washing dishes

Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip

Candy: Candy bars but especially peanut butter and chocolate (Reeses, 5th Avenue)

Artist: Duane Hanson (Life like sculptures)

So, that's it. I drew some blanks on some of them and might have to change my answers at a later date when I have time to have some AHA! moment.

Stay tuned for book reviews...I'll be back!

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