Sunday, June 5, 2005

Blown Away

As I was looking for a new sentence to feature, I realized I had several that were all related and I needed one that wasn't. The sentences that I have logged as "keepers" are all in books housed at the library and today is my day off so whereas I could still give you information about the sentence, I couldn't tell you much more about the book.

So, today I decided to post the first sentence from the book that I am currently reading. I've not finished yet; actually, I'm only 54 pages into it but I have already read the first sentence. It is from the book BLOWN by Francine Mathews:

On the day she was chosen for death, Dana Enfield rose early and made coffee for her husband in the hushed November dawn.

Opinions, anyone? Hook, line or stinker?

The book is apparantly a continuation from another that I didn't read or know existed. It is about a woman who works with the CIA's Counterterrorism Center and a terrorist group called 30 April. Her hunt to bring them down, their desire to ruin the free world. In the beginning, during a Marine's Marathon, a bad guy passes out tainted water and kills several people, causing sickness in several hundred others. The librarian in me had to look up this method of tainting because it sounded altogether nasty and I was not familiar with it. The mystery/suspense/thriller/horror lover in me had to look it up and file it away just in case I ever thought I might need to be familiar with it. If you'd like to know what it is and what it does, click here.

It's Sunday, and I have a great, no-plans, lazy day ahead of me. I'm gonna go read! Then again, maybe I'll go cook!

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