Friday, June 10, 2005

Cappuccino Crazy

I'll admit that I don't read every book that I post here. I just read their first sentences. Well, I read a lot of them.

Some I don't because of:
a)time constraints (you know, that "so many books--so little time" thing)
b)they don't appeal to me
c)the dog ate my homework.

Case and point, the first sentence featured today. I didn't have a book in mind. I had a list of books with first sentences that I liked just in case I came upon a day where I didn't have much to say. Looks like today is that day. So, here is my first sentence choice for today, Friday, June 10:

I won't die, Parole Officer Loretta Kovacs told herself for the fiftieth time that day, and it was only nine-fifteen in the morning.

This sentence brought to you by Anthony Bruno and his book DOUBLE ESPRESSO.

This sentence grabbed me from the moment I read it. What kind of trouble could she possibly be in that she had to repeat this to herself that many times at that early hour? There are some mornings I'm not even up at nine-fifteen AM. So then I kept reading. Actually, I just finished the first three pages and I'm gonna have to check it out and take it home with me this weekend. Those danged first sentences do it to me every time.

Until tomorrow...

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