Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Out of sight

Okay. So, I loved this book!

NO END IN SIGHT: MY LIFE AS AN IDITAROD RACER by Rachael Scdoris and Rick Steber (St. Martin's Press, c2006, ISBN 0-312-35273-5) blew me away and I'll tell you why in a minute.

First things first. The book starts:

I am a sled dog racer.

Phew! Now that I got that taken care of, I can tell you about Rachael. She was diagnosed with congenital achromatopsia at a young age which caused her legal blindness. But let me tell you, this girl didn't let that get her down. She got up and went. Whereever she could. Her big thing was she wanted to race sled dogs. Her father raised them, she helped with the young pups and she wanted to race them. And her father finally let her. At the age of 11, her father hooked up a sled to two sled dogs and allowed her to run a one-mile course. The rest is history.

This book follows her trials both on and off the racing circuit. A lot of it focuses on her blindness and the politics she had to contend with regarding her blindness. And although being blind is not WHO Rachael is, but a facet of her overall makeup, the adversity she faced was hard to comprehend at times. Mind you, these are prejudices she faced just in this decade.

Rachael's goal was to run the Iditarod. Did she make it? You'll have to read more.

*****Click here if you have to know! After reading the book, I did!

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