Wednesday, July 26, 2006


In Norma Howe's THE ADVENTURES OF BLUE AVENGER (Harper Tempest, c1999, ISBN 0-06-447225-6), David Schumacher is living his life in Oakland, California. On his 16th birthday, he changes his name to Blue Avenger and things begin to happen that impact his life, like his association with Omaha Nebraska Brown, the girl in school that he likes and the results to his quest for a perfect, weepless merigue for his lemon meringue pie.

According to her website, this is the first book in a trilogy. I may search out the remaining books when I have some free time but they aren't on my 'must read now!' list.

The book begins:

Scientists say that in human males, a single seminal emission contains something in the neighborhood of 300 million spermatazoa.

An interesting first sentence for a book geared toward the tweenagers...although definitely a hook!

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