Thursday, December 14, 2006

Code Name Cassandra

I got CODE NAME CASSANDRA by Jenny Carroll (Pocket Pulse, c2001, ISBN 0-7434-1140-4) after reading GRAVE SIGHT by Charlaine Harris because I was interested in the whole struck by lightning phenomenon and the end results. Unfortunately, I did not realize this book was the 2nd in a series of books until after I started reading it.

Oh well.

In this book, Jess Mastriani or "Lightning Girl" is working the summer at Camp Wawasee, a camp for the "musically gifted" on Lake Wawasee in upstate Indiana. She is working with 1-800-WHERE-R-YOU to help track down missing kids which was the "gift" she got when struck by lightning, although she apparently told the Feds in the first book that she lost her ability.

When a man shows up at the camp begging her for help in finding his daughter, she sleeps on it and then does what she knows she has to do.

Meanwhile, one of her campers goes missing while she is out in the big city with Rob, a total hottie who Jess would like to call her boyfriend. When she returns to camp to total pandemonium, once again she is forced to use her powers to locate the missing camper, even though he's a total pill, and maybe even own up to her true calling.

The book begins:

I don't know why I'm doing this.

Young readers of THE PRINCESS DIARIES will enjoy these books because if they don't know it, Jenny Carroll and Meg Cabot are the same person.

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