Thursday, December 14, 2006

Killer Insight

The book I finished this morning was KILLER INSIGHT by Victoria Laurie (Signet Mystery, c2006, ISBN 0-451-21933-3), the 4th book in the Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye series.

It starts in Royal Oak, Michigan, home to Abby, her mini dachshund Eggy and Dutch Rivers, her hubba-hubba boyfriend. After a fight with Dutch, Abby leaves for Denver, Colorado to assist with the wedding of her childhood friend, Ellie McGinnis. But being a psychic is never easy and when one bridesmaid after another disappears, Abby tunes in and things aren't looking favorable - for them or for her.

The book starts out:
As I looked down the black barrel of the .38 pointed directly at my chest, and into the familiar eyes of my killer, all I could think was, I'm a friggin' psychic, for Pete's sake! Why didn't I know it was you all along?

This was a fun installment in this series with some great new characters (Ellie, Duffy and Aunt Viv) who I'd like to see more of in the future.

Look for Victoria Laurie's new books WHAT'S A GHOUL TO DO: A GHOST HUNTER MYSTERY in April 2007 and the new Abby Cooper book CRIME SEEN in June 2007.

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