Thursday, December 14, 2006


THANKSGIVING by Janet Evanovich (Harper Torch, c1988 & 2006, ISBN 0-06-059880-8) is one of those twelve reprints that she is doing.
Set in Williamsburg, Virginia, Megan Murphy, a potter and Patrick Hunter, a pediatrician are the main characters of this story.
It begins:
Megan Murphy scuffed through a layer of autumn leaves in her round-toed, black leather, gold-buckled shoes.

When a young woman abandons her baby with Dr. Hunter with nary an explanation, and in the presence of Megan Murphy, Megan agrees to help look after the child and quickly (and boy, do I mean quickly!) falls in love with both the baby and the good doctor. However, both have commitment issues and it has only been less than a week so true love may or may not prevail.
This book has a pesky rabbit unlike her other books with the quirky dogs, but you get the gist.
This was not my favorite Evanovich book, or even my favorite of her reprinted Seaswept books, although it was a cute, holiday read.

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