Friday, January 19, 2007

Island of bones

ISLAND OF BONES by PJ Parrish (Pinnacle, c2004, ISBN 0-7860-1605-1) is the fifth book in the Louis Kincaid series.

In this book, Louis Kincaid, a private investigator finds a baby's skull on the beach after a hurricane in Fort Myers/Sanibel. Days later, the body of a woman washes up in some mangroves with bullet holes in her and Louis feels the two instances are connected somehow. Then he is hired by Diane Woods to investigate her father who may be connected to the dead woman.
Working with local police officer Mel Landeta, Louis attempts to piece the puzzle together.

The first sentence:

I really liked this book, not only because it kept my interest, but because I learned so many things. I learned about lycanthropy, the old tales of Romulus and Remus and the spanish words for bones (huesos) and woods (el bosque).

Best of all, I still remember everything I read about.

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