Friday, February 9, 2007

12 Again

12 AGAIN by Sue Corbett (Dutton's Children's Books, c2002, ISBN 0-525-46899-4) came across my desk and just looked like something I would enjoy.

Set in Farmingdale, New York, the family McBride including Bernadette, Gerald, Patrick, Neil and Kevin are in for a surprise. On her 40th birthday, feeling bad about getting old, Bernadette makes a wish and wakes up the next morning at age 12.

Communicating with her same-age son by email brings to light some things, one of which is the old house she grew up in has mystical features and she will need her son's help to pull her back into the present world.

This was a cute YA book with a little magic, a little mystery and the remembrance of what 12 was like. Be careful what you wish for!

The first sentence:
Patrick's mother vanished on Labor Day, the day before her birthday, the day before he started seventh grade.

I think fans of the movies 13 GOING ON 30 or 50 FIRST DATES would like this book.

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