Friday, February 9, 2007

How to flee a zombie

For Christmas, my dad bought me a copy of THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE: COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM THE LIVING DEAD by Max Brooks (Three Rivers Press, c2003, ISBN 1-4000-4962-8) because he knows me, all too well. This was my first read in February.

The book is cataloged 818, library speak for Humor, although it is written like any other type of survival guide might be written. The only difference is this one is how to survive a zombie attack.

First sentence:
The dead walk among us.

Including sections on the best places to run to, weapons and combat techniques, on the defense and on the attack, how to survive if overrun by zombies and a longish section of recorded attacks, the book is fun if you can take it tongue-in-cheek.

But if you are a believer of zombies (like I am), it may be the most important book you'll ever read.

Check this out, just for fun.

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jose r. said...

i think everybody must have this book, and the vampire survival guide and the love survival guide.
Because vampires walks among us, and love walks among us too. You´ll never know...