Friday, February 23, 2007

Speak no evil

On my way here, I read SPEAK NO EVIL by Allison Brennan (Ballantine Books, c2007, ISBN 978-0-345-49502-0).

Set in San Diego, California, this book begins a new trilogy by Brennan although Sheriff Nick Thomas from a previous book plays a key part in it.

It begins:
At the very beginning, she had seen his face and knew he would not let her live.

In this book, Carina Kincaid, an officer for the San Diego Police Department, is working a case of a serial killer and Sheriff Nick Thomas comes in from Montana to help out with a suspect.

The serial killer is particularly nasty and the book has a typical plot line for a romantic suspense type book but it was quick paced, held my attention for the flight and the downtime of my vacation and had a good story.

I really enjoy these books by Allison Brennan and will continue to read her.

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