Thursday, May 1, 2008

April #1


Author: P.J. Parrish

Publisher: Pinnacle

Copyright: 2006

ISBN: 0-7860-1607-8

Series or stand-alone: Series #7 (Louis Kincaid series)

Setting: Hidden Lake and Ardmore, MI

1st Sentence:
The Christmas lights were already up.


Louis' foster father, Phillip, calls him home over the Thanksgiving Day holiday for help - his childhood sweetheart, Claudia DeFoe and one time resident of Hidden Lake sanitarium has been exhumed and her body is not there. Phillip wants help finding the remains. Louis, however, must contend with many dark secrets and sordid histories to get to the truth - while pitting himself against a killer on the hospital's grounds! Great entry in an entertaining series.

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elen said...

I read this book in a few days! I loved it! P.J. Parrish was a new author for me ... it was a real surprise! This book remember me when i was in favourite city, maybe i love the book for this! i was in brooklyn last years with my boyfriend! we visited many of the places mentioned in the book! we did tours in Brooklyn , new york that hepl us to know the city! it was an amazing experience!