Friday, May 2, 2008

April #8


Author: Jim Butcher

Publisher: New American Library

Copyright: 2000

ISBN: 0-451-45781-1

Series or stand-alone: 1st in Harry Dresden series

Setting: Chicago, IL

1st Sentence:
I heard the mailman approach my door, half an hour earlier than usual.


This was another series that took me a long time to get the gumption up to read but when I finally took the plunge, I enjoyed myself immensely. A couple are found with their hearts torn out of their chests and Murphy, the main detective, calls in Harry Dresden (wizard PI) to investigate since magic was involved. Unfortunately for Harry, the black mage has Harry's name -- and a lock of his hair. Uh-oh.
This was a fun book with wizardry, demons, vampires, back magic, white magic and a talking skull named Bob. I'll definitely be reading more!

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