Thursday, May 1, 2008

April #5


Author: Linda Howard

Publisher: Pocket Books

Copyright: 2002

ISBN: 0-7434-4426-4

Series or stand-alone: 3 short stories (I read WHITEOUT)

Setting: A cabin in Idaho during a blizzard

1st Sentence:
It was going to snow.


There was a lot of talk about this short story on one of the list-servs I belong to so I thought I'd read it. Hope Bradshaw is holed up in her cabin with her dog Tink while a blizzard rages outside when a man shows up on her doorstep almost frozen to death. And then another guy shows up. And one of them is a bad guy. But which one? The one she's falling for or the other? I looked at the other shorts but they were too romancy for me.

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