Sunday, December 28, 2008

November #4 - THE DARKER SIDE

Title: The darker side

Author: Cody McFadyen

Publisher: Bantam Books

Copyright: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-553-80694-6

Series or stand-alone: #3

Setting: Los Angeles, CA - Washington DC area

1st Sentence:
Dying is a lonely thing.

Quick Comments:
Smokey Barrett and her team is called in to investigate the murder of a transgendered son/daughter of a high profile Congressman. The darker side finds that the killer has killed many people and Smokey makes it her goal to stop this one dead in his tracks, may God have mercy on her soul.

If you read my blog regularly you know that Cody McFadyen has become one of my favorite authors and in my opinion, he can't write the Smokey Barrett books fast enough! I do recommend reading the first two in the series first because this book does skimp a little on the backstory. It's not necessary, but recommended. This book is also written in first person present tense, something I typically detest, but I overlook it when it is a great read!

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