Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I had a vision

Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper Psychic Eye books were not on a "to-be-read" list of mine. I actually stumbled upon the first one by mistake. But since I am such a fan of Kay Hooper's psychic books, I decided to try the first. And loved it. They are easy read books, cozies if you will (although I'm really not a fan of that word to describe books. I don't know why for sure, I just don't like it.) Then I read the second and this is the third in a fun series with mayhem and madness around every corner.
A plus? Abby has a mini dachshund like my own Snoop. Victoria has mini dachshunds like my own Snoop. With taste like that in dogs, how could I resist?

From her third Abby Cooper book, VISION OF MURDER (c2005, Penguin Group, ISBN 0-451-21715-2):
I consider myself a professional; a psychic intuitive who is proud of how she makes a living; confident that the skills and abilities I innately possess give me a unique advantage to deal with just about any quirky, strange, bizarre or unusual situation that may crop up in my line of work.

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