Thursday, March 22, 2007

May Day

In my latest read, MAY DAY by Jess Lourey, life in Battle Lake, MN is not what Mira James, librarian, expected.

Running away from life and a no-good boyfriend, Mira moves to Battle Lake to housesit for a friend. She takes a job as assistant librarian and part-time newspaper reporter and falls in love, until she finds the guy dead in the stacks at her library.

Now Mira, turned amateur sleuth, must try to solve the mystery of her lover's death, the weird things going on in town and the strange locals before she gets herself in deep.

It begins:

Tuesday marked my tenth official day alone at the library, but the heady draw of being my own boss had worn off.

This book was recommended to me because I am a big fan of Janet Evanovich, and while I did not find this book as funny as Evanovich's, it did have some good one-liners which will most likely have me reading the rest of the series. I have never been a lover of cozy mysteries (which this is) but the librarian aspect suckered me in despite of it.

I will also take into consideration that it is the first in a series and even with Evanovich and Hughes' FULL series I didn't like the first book but loved the rest, so...

See you next time.

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