Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who not to Cross

CROSS by James Patterson (Little, Brown & Co., c2006, ISBN 978-0-316-15979-1) has thankfully been written.

I know many of my library patrons were waiting for this book so they could find out what happened to Maria, Alex Cross' wife.

Set mainly in Washington DC, this book features Alex Cross and his children, his Nana Mama and Michael Sullivan, the butcher of Sligo. Alex has retired from the FBI and set up private practice when his longtime friend, John Sampson calls upon him to help with a case of serial rapes in the Georgetown area where women are brutalized and threatened with horrifying photos. When the past collides with the present and Alex has a lead on his wife's killer, will he see justice served?

First sentence:
Thompson: I'm Dr. Thompson with the Berkshire Medical Center. How many shots did you hear?

This is a typical Patterson book. I like his books for a break from some of the other stuff I read. I hear many people discuss the pros and cons of his books and my take is this: I think he usually has good storylines and his chapters are quick, lightning-quick and this is why I read every book he writes.

I have a hard time putting a book down in the middle of a chapter; it's a wierd quirk of mine. So, after reading tens of books that have 20-30-40 page chapters, I adore a book that has 1.5 page chapters and this is my biggest draw to his books.

If I could find more authors who did this, I would probably read all of their books as well. It gives me a chance to rest my brain and I can read 60 pages quickly because I find myself FLYING through the chapters.

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