Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Primal Instict

Sorry for the lack of posting lately...I've been sick. But that doesn't mean I haven't been reading. It just means I haven't had the energy to get my posts completed.

Now, however, I'm feeling better and ready to post again.

The book: PRIMAL INSTICT by Robert Walker (Diamond Book, c1994, ISBN 0-7865-0055-7) had a special appeal to me because it was set in Hawaii and this is my dream vacation.

This book is the third in the Jessica Coran series and I think I like the writing style better and better with each one. It's either that, or I'm becoming immune to Walker's use of multiple ellipses...

The first sentence:

He does a bad Elvis imitation, crooning aloud the words for "Don't Be Cruel" as it's pounding from his car - radio speaker on Hawaii's hottest rock station, KBHT - "Hot Hawaii!"

In this book, Jessica is on vacation in Hawaii when the Trade Winds Killer as he is called strikes again and she is asked specifically to help by the local law. The bad guy is a creepy one with very sadistic tendencies - these books are not for the squeamish - but they are great for those who are immune as I am to blood, guts and gore.

This book was also filled with facinating information about the Hawaiian culture, local customs, folklore, alphabet and the Hana Highway, which I'd never heard of but found spectacular with its 56 one-lane bridges and 617 curves & turns.

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