Sunday, September 2, 2012

Elizabeth and Lyric

Well, I feel like I got substantially caught up but will work on getting the rest of my year's books posted.

Before I begin with the next month though, I want to pause and post some information about some girls who were abducted from our small community.

The went missing July 13th and a week later, after a lake in town was drained and it was ruled out that they were in the lake even though that is where their bikes were found, they were classified as an abduction.

Right away, national news media were notified of their disappearance and their search became a nation wide event.

It's been 50 days and there has been no viable information given to bring these girls home. The FBI, DCI and local agencies have been working on this and nothing! The community is saddened and frustrated and just want them home.

If you know anything or have seen anything, please call. We need to bring Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook home!

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